Get rid of disc herniation without surgery. Try these 3 natural ingredients

One of the most common diseases of the locomotor system is disc herniation. Almost 90% of the population experience at least one episode of back pain. The causes are multiple most often is caused by a general predisposition to sedentary, physical exertion limitation, trauma due to increased pressure in the lumbar spine.

In medical terms, disc herniation is a condition in which part of the intervertebral disc puts pressure on the spinal cord and nerve roots, which generates pain and muscle tenderness. The onset herniated disc is often marked by the installation of the back. You can treat back pain and disc herniation using this natural recipe that will act effectively. To help in such cases can apply one of the following recipes:
Grate 1 red onion and 1 potato (medium). Mix with sea salt. Apply the mixture on a cotton cloth and put it on the painful area. Hold it all night. Repeat this procedure for three days.

Sprinkle baking soda, over 2 slices of bread and then soak them in vinegar. Put these slices of bread over the affected areas and spinal cord and hold it there for several hours. Pour 1 tablespoon of powder dry camphor in a jar. Fill to the brim with alcohol or a strong brandy. Then rub a long time with this solution painful back and other sides of the spine.

What else you can try:

There are many alternative therapies for back pain. Physical therapy and massage can reduce tension in the spine, relieving low back.

• Therapeutic massage can have better results than painkillers, according to a recent US study. By the massage performed to obtain relaxation, it soothes the muscles; improves blood circulation and increases endorphins, substances that induce wellbeing.

• Even in the acute phase of back pain, you can use various procedures of physiotherapy, electrotherapy, and ultrasound. When painful episodes are reduced it is indicated kinesiology (exercise) that speeds recovery and helps to tone back muscles to maintain a good posture of the body.