Here’s How Pineapple Affects Your Blood Sugar and Helps Fight Diabetes!

Patients that suffer from diabetes needs to check their levels of sugar on regular basis, as well as to take care of their diet. These people need to consume foods that are low in Glycemic Index, as well as regulate the carb consumption. Diabetics also need to consume vegetables and fruits because they are packed with fibers.

Here are some diet tips for diabetics

If you are diabetic you need to make sure that you consume healthy diet. Make sure that you consume foods that are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. Try to avoid foods that contain fat, sweets, and processed foods. It is best to consult your doctor in order to prepare special diet plan for you.

Counting carbs

If you are diabetic you need to make sure that you count the carbs on daily basis. Make sure that you control the amount of carbs you consume because they can increase the blood sugar levels. Also you should have special daily and weekly meal plan that will help you count the carbohydrates you consume.

The food that you consume actually depends on the goals, weight, physical activity, and some medicines that you are taking during the day. You shouldn’t exceed 20gr per snack or 60gr per meal of carbohydrates. Also make sure that you are careful about the glycemic index of the foods you are consuming. It mainly depends on the amount of fiber and fat the food contains, as well as the processing and ripeness.

Foods that contain high amount of glycemic index will actually increase the levels of glucose in the blood. You need to consume foods that are low in glycemic index, and such food is pineapple. This fruit is amazing and contains low GI, vitamin C, and a fiber, as well as it is low in carbs. This is true only for fresh and frozen pineapples, whereas pineapple juice contains lots of sugar. You need to combine foods that are low or medium in GI because they can increase the level of sugar in the blood.

You need to combine foods such as whole grain bread, brown rice, barley, oatmeal, pasta, and legumes. You should never combine potatoes, pretzels, saltine crackers, instantaneous oatmeal, and white bread.

It is best to consume frozen pineapple because it contains low glycemic index.

In conclusion, diabetics should consume pineapple but need to make sure that they eat the right amount. If you over-eat pineapples you might actually increase the blood sugar levels, and if this occurs you need to stop consuming it immediately.